Keep on Smiling – Organic Feeding Tube Formula Child of Hope Contest

  A month ago, we launched our Child of Hope Contest. Since then, we’ve received dozens of submissions from mothers, fathers and family members sharing their miraculous stories of hope. Where is your hope?    

Five Reasons We Believe in Food as Medicine

  Whole Foods Create Better Lives for People with Feeding Tubes By Robin Gentry McGee Food is the best medicine. It was true in Hippocrates’ Day, and it’s true today. At Functional Formularies, we believe in food as medicine. As we ramp up for participation in the upcoming Food as Medicine Conference at Kripalu, we’ve […]

Whole Food Versus Synthetic Supplements: Which Should You Choose?

Whole Food Versus Synthetic Supplements: Which Should You Choose? Nutritional deficiencies have become a widespread issue today mainly because of modern farming practices and food production methods that result in low-quality food products. Many people today have also become inclined to consume processed foods that are loaded with empty calories and lacking in essential nutrients. […]

Conrad Vigo

Most people suffer from the occasional upper respiratory infection. Typically, these can be treated with antibiotics and the patient will recover in a few days. For 58-year-old Conrad Vigo, a life-long asthmatic, a sinus infection would forever change his life. Two-and-a-half years ago, Conrad acquire an acute sinus infection. This led to a respiratory distress […]