Liquid Hope – Nutritional Information

The next generation of liquid nutrition

Functional Formularies® is a nutritionally complete, organic, real food, whole foods enteral formula and oral meal replacement. Perfect for anyone who may be looking to increase daily nutrition. This product is plant based, dairy free, gluten free, soy free, corn free, non-GMO and packaged in a BPA free pouch. Liquid Hope has a two year shelf life without preservatives.


FDA Reviewed and filed acknowledging that Liquid Hope meets all food safety requirements and meets all GRAS, HACCP, CGMPS standards. Liquid Hope is processed in a FDA/USDA certified facility with FDA inspector on site.
SID#: 2013-06012/001


HCPCS Code: B4149
NDC-Format Code: 5785-8004-00**
NDC Billing Code: 15785-8004-00
NPI #: 1023427705

Whole foods for the whole body.


There are a few things I want to make sure you remember when using Liquid Hope as a feeding tube formula.

1. For new users, be mindful, if it’s to be used for a feeding tube and someone has been on the commercial formulas awhile, please switch over slowly. Our formula is real food and it will take the system a bit of time to re-adjust to food. I suggest replacing one meal per day with Liquid Hope until the transition is complete. The only thing that the person may experience if you don’t do this is a bit of gas due to the high fiber content.

2. Remember since this is real food, it has a 4 hour room temperature hang time for safe food guidelines. Those who cannot bolus this in and require a longer hang time, please be sure that you change the food every 4 hours and clean the bag.

3. The unopened formula can be stored for up to 2 years at ambient temperatures. Do not store in a hot place.

4. If storing after being opened, place Liquid Hope in a covered container and hold refrigerated for up to 48 hours but no longer.

5. The formula is pretty thin and should have no problem flowing through a feeding tube. If you’re using a smaller tube and need the formula thinner, empty the contents of the package into a sauce pan and gently warm. (No microwaves please.) Or you may add a bit of water in order to achieve desired consistency. I personally loved to mix it with coconut water when using it for my dad due to the great properties of coconut water.

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*Liquid Hope undergoes regular nutritional assessment and lab testing. However, as with all real food products, the nutrient levels may vary a bit due to growing season, soil, and weather conditions. If you have a specific medical condition that requires you to be exact with certain nutrient levels, please discuss the use of this product with your medical team.
**National Drug Codes (NDC) Format Codes: Products sold by Nutritional Medicinals LLC are not classified as Medical Foods by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). NDC format codes are product codes adjusted according to standard industry practice to meet the format requirements of pharmacy and health insurance computer systems. NDC-format codes have been submitted by Nutritional Medicinals LLC to data warehouses. While Nutritional Medicinals cannot confirm that NDC-format codes have been published, the codes listed are based on the formatting established by NDC data warehouses but does not guarantee reimbursement.